What is Das Binky?

Founded on the idea that genre is a construct alternately embraced and ignored, Das Binky is John, a multi-instrumentalist based in Madison, WI, and a rotating band of collaborators who join him in the battle to create catchy and enduring pop, rock, metal, folk, electronica and whatever else they can think of playing. Since 2009, Das Binky has focused on the idea that a good hook can hide anywhere.  In hundreds of songs and dozens of genres, Das Binky is always looking to find new ways to express ideas, and new people with whom to express them.   In the eyes of Das Binky, there is nothing greater than a song that gets stuck in your head, has you singing along by the third chorus, and keeps you coming back for another listen. Musical Tenets For better or worse, Das Binky has guiding principles.  (John was a Management Consultant in a former life.)  These four tenets capture the key ethos of Das Binky.
  1. Large Production Numbers are Awesome
  2. Catchiness = Success
  3. Genre Hopping leads to new discoveries
  4. Collaboration opens new doors
These are only guidelines, and are meant to be broken as often as they're followed. But they help to guide the overall Das Binky mission.  We hope you'll join us on the journey.

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