Hurtful Nothings

Hurtful NothingsThe "Hurtful Nothings" EP showcases the range of Das Binky, with entries in the pop, rock, folk, metal and electronica genres. The songs cover a wide lyrical gamut: John Crossman sings a twisted rebuke to the Adele's of the world on the electro-pop tune "I Am Your Weakness"; Leslie Hudson takes on the role of Galadriel in the Lord of the Rings themed metal epic "All Shall Love Me and Despair"; Expendable Friend wonderfully captures the fragility of relationships-in-transition in "Cannot", Jordan Hirsch croons a traditional pop-love song in Alison, and John runs from an unlikely foe in "Mennonite Mob" and leads a somber spiritual in "I Know I Am Done." Featuring many of the same voices and talents from "Divide the Storm" along with several new collaborators, "Hurtful Nothings" looks to demonstrate that catchy tunes can be found in any form. Hurtful Nothings is available exclusively as a pay-what-you-like download through Bandcamp, at this link: It's yours for free.  If you want to throw a few dollars my way, that'd be awesome.  No big deal. Tracks 1) Alison 2) I Am Your Weakness 3) I Know I Am Done 4) Mennonite Mob 5) Cannot 6) All Shall Love Me and Despair All music, lyrics and performances by John, except:
  • Jordan Hirsch - Vocals on Alison
  • Leslie Hudson - Vocals / Co-Lyricist on All Shall Love Me & Despair (based on source material from J.R.R. Tolkien) & Backing Vocals on I Know I Am Done
  • Kristian Børresen - Co-Composer and Synths on I Am Your Weakness
  • John Crossman: Vocals on I Am Your Weakness
  • Expendable Friend: Vocals on Cannot
  • Mark Berry - Co-Lyricist on Alison
Produced, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by John Das Binky, except I Am Your Weakness, produced by Kristian Børresen.

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