FAWM 2014!

February Album Writing Month 2014 has come and gone, and Das Binky ended up with an entertaining selection of tunes to share with you, again ranging over a load of genres.  Here’s a selection of tunes you may enjoy.

  • Zeno’s Paradox- A wonderfully catchy tune about the philosophy behind not being able to connect in a relationship.
    Play Zeno's Paradox
  • Cop and Robber – Cole Porter-style punk, with Sarah Krause.
    Play Cop and Robber
  • Moneypenny – Lush Synth-pop about the trials and tribulations of working for 007, with Leslie Hudson.
    Play Moneypenny
  • The Island That We Bought Online – Laid back island ukelele, about the island we bought online, with Nancy Rost.
    Play The Island That We Bought Online
  • I Found the One Ring in the Trash – Pop-Punk tune about the perils of the One Ring, from the perspective of a garbageman.  With TC Elliott.
    Play I Found the One Ring in the Trash
  • Benjamin Harrison – Ben Folds style jazz pop about the last American President with a Beard.
    Play Benjamin Harrison

Madison Area Music Award Nomination!

Leslie Hudson and I are up for Best Hard Rock / Punk song in the 2013 Madison Area Music Awards (MAMAs) for our Lord of the Rings themed tune “All Shall Love Me and Despair” from my Hurtful Nothings EP.

You can hear the tune here
Play All Shall Love Me and Despair
or download it free on Bandcamp.

If you’d like to vote for us (and we’d certainly love it if you did!), you can click through to the MAMAs voting page:


Voting is $5, which goes to towards charitable efforts to get instruments in the hands of kids.  Voting closes on May 17.

If you do decide to vote, I’ll also stump for Collective Member Beth Kille (who sang backup vocals on Divide the Storm).  She and her album Dust are nominated in five categories, and she deserves every one of them!

New FAWM Songs!

February Album Writing Month 2013 was a wonderfully productive time, and a number of the tunes I wrote are likely to end up on future releases.  I’d love if you took a chance to listen to some of the wide variety of tunes we made, ranging from trance to funk to punk to country metal and a whole bunch of other catchy tunes.

Click over here to hear more.